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An Advisor Career with Nicola Wealth

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The Nicola Wealth Advisor

What makes the Nicola Wealth Advisor different?

Nicola Wealth offers a higher-quality financial services experience for families with sophisticated wealth planning needs. Our advisors are well-trained; strategic, knowledgeable and conversant in several disciplines, from investments and insurance, to tax and estate planning.

We value individuals who want to do exceptional work and are driven to be part of a company with the ambition to grow its presence and expand its profile across the country.

A Team of Master Wealth Advisors

We pride ourselves on having a team of capable, well-rounded, and collegial advisors, each with the skills and knowledge base required to understand the complex moving parts of our clients’ busy lives in order to construct comprehensive and fully integrated financial plans.

Our advisors are a team of motivated individuals with the collective desire to collaborate and elevate everyone’s level of knowledge and skill, often working together to meet their clients’ needs.

Multi-Disciplinary Advisors from a Variety of Backgrounds

Are you a professional with experience in accounting, law, tax, or estate planning considering a change in career? Are you a specialist looking to expand your skills and become a comprehensive relationship manager in wealth management?

If you have a passion for strategic financial planning with the bigger picture in mind, but need a different environment to reach your potential, we want to cultivate your desire to become a well-rounded wealth planner. Nicola Wealth advisors come from varied backgrounds with different skillsets. Our team includes former accountants, insurance specialists, and commercial bankers.

Together, we determined what our ideal corporate culture looks
like and strive for that ideal every day.

I see our purpose as being the primary advisor for our clients with respect to their questions that relate to money, wealth, and the understanding of what role it all should play in their lives. As advisors we should stay with our clients as they move through different phases of wealth and different needs they will experience over time. We are there to help them make the right decisions with the right information.

John Nicola, Founder & CEO

Our Culture

We have a passion for providing clients with sophisticated expertise and outstanding services in the Financial Planning and Wealth Management industry.

We strive for excellence and we know our people help us deliver on that promise.

The key to our continued growth and improvement is our high performing, collaborative team approach, and generous corporate culture.

Nicola Wealth’s cultural success is attributed to the foresight that corporate culture needs to grow and evolve with the firm. Together, we determined what our ideal corporate culture looks like and strive for that ideal every day.

You need very, very good people to come on board in order to create the growth that you want and they have to buy into the vision that you have as a company. And they need to, in my opinion, share in the benefits that come from that.

— John NicolaChairman & CEO

Community Involvement

At Nicola Wealth, we support each other and the communities around us both locally and internationally.

In recent years, the firm has taken a focused and strategic approach to community involvement by forming Nicola Wealth Gives Back; our charitable giving committee comprised of employees, senior management, and family.

The purpose of Nicola Wealth Gives Back is to develop and foster a culture of giving by acting as facilitators for employees and partners to succeed with their charitable goals.

Awards & Recognition

Nicola Wealth’s growth, innovation and leadership are frequently honoured and recognized in the form of awards. These achievements are a testament to our team’s dedication and excellence within the industry.

Why Join Nicola Wealth?

Our culture supports an entrepreneurial spirit while maintaining a collaborative team environment. We believe that a focus on career-long learning and improvement is how our advisors will stand apart in a highly competitive field.

Broadening our skills, extending our knowledge, and staying on top of the technical aspects of wealth planning is the best way to ensure we’re always able to serve our clients’ complex needs.

Bottom line: we invest heavily in our advisors.

If you are a driven, capable, and open-minded professional who is motivated to expand your skills through continuous learning and want to work in an organization that is committed to supporting you in your development, then you should consider a career as an advisor at Nicola Wealth.