Performance figures for each account are calculated using time weighted rate of returns on a daily basis. The Composite returns are calculated based on the asset-weighted monthly composite constituents based on beginning of month asset mix and include the reinvestment of all earnings as of the payment date. Composite returns are as follows:

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Geoff Taylor


Associate Director, Private Equity and Venture Capital

Geoff joined the Nicola Wealth Private Capital team in June 2021 with over a decade of experience in investment banking.

Prior to joining the firm, Geoff worked with Garibaldi Capital Advisors where he led M&A and growth equity transactions for the firm’s private Canadian technology clients. Geoff began his career in investment banking with TD Securities, where he helped manage a wide variety of M&A and capital market transactions for corporate clients across industries.

Geoff likes to have “skin in the game” – as a Nicola Wealth client himself, he has increased his exposure to the funds that he helps source, diligence and execute investments for. Geoff believes that every investor should have access to private equity and venture capital investment opportunities and is excited to bring his experience and network to offer clients diverse exposure to these unique asset classes.

In his downtime, Geoff pursues an active lifestyle as an avid backcountry skier and snowboarder, and white-water kayaker.

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  • Favourite foods?

    Very spicy Mexican or Thai cuisine

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    My BBQ

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