Performance figures for each account are calculated using time weighted rate of returns on a daily basis. The Composite returns are calculated based on the asset-weighted monthly composite constituents based on beginning of month asset mix and include the reinvestment of all earnings as of the payment date. Composite returns are as follows:

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Lay Choo Low



Senior Wealth Planning Associate

Client Relationship Manager

Lay Choo Low


Lay Choo brings experience in financial and client services to her role as Wealth Planning Associate at Nicola Wealth.

Lay Choo graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance and Investment and Banking Major from the University of Wisconsin. Additionally, she has obtained her Master of Commerce in Information Systems and Management from the University of New South Wales, Australia. Lay Choo currently holds her Chartered Investment Manager designation.

Lay Choo’s interest in wealth management is driven by a passion for providing her clients with access to financial literacy while supporting their personal and professional financial goals. Prior to joining Nicola Wealth, she supported Financial Advisors in servicing clients at one of the largest insurance and wealth management companies in Canada

Outside the office, Lay Choo is learning to play the piano and studying the Hebrew language.

Question & Answers

  • What languages do you speak?

    English, Malaysian, Hokkien, Cantonese and Mandarin

  • Favourite food?

    Ice Cream

  • Favourite music genre?


  • Drink of choice?


  • I can’t live without my…